Preferred Maintanence

Quality Control

Your office or building should reflect the quality and professionalism of your company — from the smallest detail to the overall appearance of your facility.

At Preferred Maintenance, we take particular pride in our management, supervisory and trained technical staff. Professionally skilled team leaders and supervisors constantly monitor and inspect the work to insure quality results for quality control. We strive to exceed what each individual account expects. No two accounts are alike, that is why we try to implement different practices and methods using the most up to date technology.

Our past performance and expertise is a matter of record.
Allow us to give you a list of references to qualify our reputation and reliability.

Each supervisor is equipped with a PDA to help monitor the quality of work that is been provided. Our regularly scheduled walk-throughs give us a unique quality report analysis useful for each client and a review of this walk-through is immediately emailed to the client.